Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Rain Again ?

One week to go before the start of the long anticipated Glastonbury Festival. This year is special because the Rolling Stones are playing. It could be a last chance to see the ageing rockers play a live set, so let’s hope that the rain stays off unlike some of our more recent summers.

Talking about the weather, yesterday afternoon’s Radio 2 phone-in had an assortment of people bemoaning the unpredictability of the weather in recent years. One family was so fed up with our summer weather that the parents had decided to sell up and move to California for the outdoor lifestyle and an average of 285 days of sunshine per year.

There are concerns at the highest levels about the weather. Scientists are currently meeting at the Met Office to try and understand the reasons behind last summer's washout and identify new priorities for research.

According to Matt McGrath, BBC News Environment correspondent writing on the BBC website, “over the past three years, British weather records have been under increasing pressure. The big freeze that gripped the UK in December 2010 saw the lowest temperature for the month in 100 years. Even the buzz of the London Olympics could not disguise the washout that was last summer, the second wettest for the UK since records began. Puzzled by these events, scientists from across the UK are meeting at the Met Office in Exeter to try to understand the reasons behind this run of what they term, ‘unusual seasons’.

They will also try to work out why this spring was the coldest in 50 years - with a UK average of 6C (42.8F) between March and May.”

As a born again Christian, I am convinced that God is in control, despite the unpredictable and sometimes catastrophic weather events which would appear to be occurring more frequently.  From the Bible I can see that God has used the weather to influence nations and individuals in the past.

The Bible teaches us that God will use severe weather events to 'speak' to the nations at the end of this age. Many Bible scholars agree that prophetic signs and the state of the world suggest the end of this age is approaching.

Am I worried ........certainly not! Those who trust in the Lord Jesus Christ are eternally safe in the hands of the living God. So I’m  trusting not worrying.....and if anyone reading this is worrying, perhaps they should consider turning to Jesus.  

And Glastonbury.......Sean Michaels writing in the Guardian last week advised, “pack your wellies if you're off to Somerset at the end of the month, because Glastonbury is probably going to be a little muddy. With two weeks to go before the festival begins, meteorologists are predicting a mixture of sun, cloud and rain.”

No wellies for me....I’ll be watching the Stones on telly from the comfort of my own living room with a glass of fine claret in hand.  


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